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You have found the right place to search for sailing catamarans for sale. To search the database just enter some parameters into the form and click "Search". There are thousands of catamarans for sale here, so you should enter as many parameters as you can think of, and your results will be targeted more exactly. There are sailing catamarans of all sizes and prices below. Please find Catamaran News below for upcoming Boat Shows and more Catamaran News. See more videos on the CATAMARAN MOVIES AND VIDEOS page.

Sold Catamarans Prices September 2021

Click the Cats Sold Link or the image below to see the PDF of selling price histories of all SAILING catamarans over 37' that sold in the world this past month courtesy of and

If you are interested in seeing selling price histories of a particular model just let me know model, years, make, etc and I can send details. Knowing the actual selling prices is the smart way to understand the market.

Sold Catamarans September 2021

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Herreschoff 1876 Built 24' Catamaran

Herreschoff 1876 Built 24' Catamaran

Herreshoff 24 Catamaran pictured above. Built in 1876 and won the NY Yacht Club Centennial Regatta that year and was immediately banned from future racing events "because it had an 'unfair advantage' over monohulls.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement

Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement

Yachts International continues to practice safety in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agents and staff are working from home to continue brokerage services. Yachts International is showing boats via Facetime, etc. from a boat to prospective buyers. Contact Us to follow your dreams.

Leopard 40- Narrated Catamaran Walkthrough

See Listing and SOLD prices of December, 2019 Catamaran Sales.

October, 2019

Right now the European high season has ended and many Sellers are faced with large "carrying costs" over the next six months and will pass along the savings if you will take the yacht now. Because Europe is a crowded place some storage facilities are now demanding 6 months storage fees "up front" plus each owner must pay insurance, interest (if they have a loan) and they must maintain the catamaran. This can add up to $20k which they want to avoid so they have discounted their asking prices. Contact Me today.

Length Boats Year Current US$
45' Lagoon 440 2009 206,404
45' Lagoon 450 2014 357,024
45' Lagoon 450 2012 317,975
39' Lagoon 400 S2 2014 222,024
39' Lagoon 400 S2 2013 245,454
39' Leopard 40 2008 189,669
38' Leopard 384 2011 189,669

Annapolis Show

I plan to be at the Annapolis Show just on Monday October 14th because that is the only "sane" day (when all the crowds are gone). If you would like to have a private meeting to discuss your personal situation I can do so by appointment in the morning and early afternoon... sometime around mid-afternoon I will get together some beer and wine and meet either on a boat or in a bar/restaurant near the show and have an "Educational 'Q&A' Event" whereby we have a few drinks (on me), we have a few laughs and I answer questions for the group.

I like these "Educational Events" because under the IRS tax law they qualify for a full deduction unlike "meals and Entertainment" and I'm all about minimizing taxes, having some fun and exploring new worlds in catamarans.

So, if you will be around Monday just text me and I will know the location for the get-together sometime late morning and text you back with that.

All the best!
Gary Fretz

Catamarans Selling Prices

Yachts International offers a page with Catamarans Selling Prices for your information and to be a more educated buyer. Go to the Catamaran Selling Prices page to see the latest offered and sold prices.

45' Lagoon Catamaran for Sale SOLD
Lagoon Catamaran for Sale

Better Than New- 2016
Two Boat Owner
Specifications and Images
Contact Gary Fretz for Details
954-609-6282 ·

Sold Catamarans Info Two New Sections have been added to the site. A Catmarans Sold Archive showcases a sampling of boats sold by Gary of boat info with listing and sold price.
Updated 9/21/18 Another page of Catamaran Selling Prices features a list of catamarans recently sold around the world with selling prices, etc. We hope these pages will help you in your buying choice of a catamaran. Contact Gary to help guide your search and buy the right catamaran for you.

Prepurchase Survey for Leopard 47 Catamaran

This is an in-depth look above at a 2009 Leopard 47 Power Catamaran during a survey and sea trial showing details of every part of the boat and some of the items we check on a typical PrePurchase Survey. Commentary by Gary Fretz.

Hurricane Damage Effects on Catamaran Charters & Sales

See in the above video Gary discusses the effects that hurricanes have effected the charter fleets and the private catamarans for sale. Inventory of the major charter fleets has been decimated. New boat construction has been taken over by the big charter fleets for the next one to two years. Contact Gary for more information to buy wiser for your catamaran.

Secrets to Buying the Best Catamarans

Top 5 Tips For Buying Catamarans

See in the above video Gary discusses his "Top 5 Tips For Buying Catamarans". Contact Gary for more information to buy wiser for your catamaran.

Bahamas Boat Trip

Gary is bringing a privately owned 2014 Leopard 39 cruising catamaran to the South Florida area next weekend. The boat is currently located in Marsh Harbour, Abacos and we're looking for a few interested sailors who would like blue water sailing experience. A very experienced captain who loves teaching has been hired. No sailing experience required. Depending on weather you'll hopefully be able to sail the majority of the trip (winds have been great for sailing & predictions are good) or depending on the wind direction and speed you may have to motor some or all.

Gary is bringing a privately owned 2014 Leopard 39 cruising catamaran to the South Florida area next weekend. The boat is currently located in Marsh Harbour, Abacos and we're looking for a few interested sailors who would like blue water sailing experience. A very experienced captain who loves teaching has been hired. No sailing experience required. Depending on weather you'll hopefully be able to sail the majority of the trip (winds have been great for sailing & predictions are good) or depending on the wind direction and speed you may have to motor some or all.

-Thursday 11/16/17 Fly to Marsh Harbour.
-Friday 11/17/17 Leave Marsh Harbour in the morning to start the trip to Miami.
-Sunday 11/19/17 Arrive in Miami around 6pm depending on weather.

- One way airfare to Marsh Harbour, Abacos. There is a flight on 11/16/17 from West Palm Beach airport on Bahamasair to Marsh Harbour 12:20p to 1:20p for $141. This is booking quickly. Reservations your responsibility.
-$475 for main suite on the boat with private head (accommodates a couple or single sailor).
-$400 for smaller cabins with shared head (accommodates a couple or single sailor)
-Cost for your food and drinks. The group usually share meal preparation and cost.

This voyage will provide great blue water cruising experience as well as being lots of fun!!

If you have questions, would like more information or interested please call Beth at 305-665-4994 as soon as possible.

40 OPEN FOILER Debuts Yachting Festival Cannes!
40 Open Foiler Power Cat
Yachting Festival Cannes Logo
Sept. 12-17, 2017

THE 40 OPEN FOILER debuted at the CANNES YACHT SHOW THIS FALL and I predict will be a big hit. Contact Gary Fretz for more information at

Applying an advanced multihull design to a day cruiser concept allows for massive lounging space and extraordinary stability at high speeds in a relatively small package. Naturally balanced, the 40' Open Foiler doesn't require complex stabilizing systems and provides a fast, safe and fuel-efficient ride.

40 OPEN FOILER Overhead View
40 Open Foiler Power Cat Overhead View

The 40 Open Foiler is equipped with dynamic inboard propulsion ranging from 2x425 HP to 2x1100 HP to offer an impressive speed potential of over 60kts. Taking speed to a higher level, the hydrofoil-equipped 40 Open Power H is offered in multiple outboard engine configurations from 2x627 HP to 4x400 HP. The innovative retractable hydrofoil system lifts the boat above the water when cruising above 25 knots and reduces drag considerably. As a result, the 40 Open Power H can glide above the waves to attain speeds up to 60kts in foil-borne mode. With drag reduced to an absolute minimum, the boat also benefits from extremely low fuel consumption and long range. At the dock or at low speeds the foils retract into the hull.

40 OPEN FOILER Extended Decks
40 Open Foiler Power Cat Extended Decks

A beamy alternative for classic day boats, the 40 Open Power represents a new level of onboard comfort and the ability to fit more usable space in a given LOA. Two lateral aft folding platforms enhance the already generous living space of the catamaran, creating more room to enjoy watersports. The area below the aft sunpad conceals immense storage to keep water toys and diving gear at hand. The helm, fitted with sporty seats is well protected and equipped with a touchscreen to easily scroll through the boat's systems.

The bow-placed dining area uses the beam of the boat to the maximum, providing for maximum versatility with adjustable tables and abundant seating. Depending on the Owner's preferences, this part of the deck can also be turned into a comfortable cabin capable of overnight trips. Large volumes are also available down in the hulls to house a bathroom, an additional stateroom or utility room. Premium audio-video systems and individually selected tech gear, custom upholstery and new layout solutions – the options to customize the 40 Open are limitless.

Contact Gary Fretz for more information at

We are constantly asked "Why are catamarans so much more expensive in the U.S. than elsewhere?". The video below answers that and tells you how to find the best deals.

Why are catamarans so much more expensive in the U.S. than elsewhere?

See the video below to see Gary interviewed about boat buying and the expenses that come after titled "How much does a boat cost after you buy it? Q & A with Boat Buying Expert Gary Fretz". Hear about the costs of insurance, registration, documentation, taxes, customs importation, dockage, maintenance, survey requirements and Gary's qualifications as a Broker.

How much does a boat cost after you buy it?

Palm Beach Boat Show
Miami Boat Show
March 23-26, 2017

I was available for the Palm Beach Boat Show in West Palm Beach, FL on March 23-26, 2017. This is a great Boat Show with all the boats and displays in one location close to hotels, parking, restaurants, etc. for a really nice Show experience. Contact Me for more info and to see the boats at the Show on your schedule.

Miami Boat Show- Strictly Sail
Miami Boat Show
February 16-20, 2017
I was at the Seawind display for Strictly Sail, Maimarina with Yachts International selling new Seawinds and used cats at Booth: P3-11.

Seawind Catamarans- Miami Boat Show · Strictly Sail
Miami Boat Show

Four Cats Sold in One Month!
Four Cats Sold in One Month

I closed sales on the following catamarans in the past month:
2007 Lidgard 73 Sailing Catamaran. 4 staterooms/5 heads. This was a distress sale and I am happy to share pricing with anyone who Contacts Me.

2012 Lagoon 450 4/4 in excellent condition for only Euros 313,000. Because the dollar has been rising against the Euro this US buyer paid $336,000 in dollars...this was an excellent deal for the buyer! Yachts priced in Euros have been good "buys" lately since the Euro has been weakening against the dollar. I have one more like this and it won't last long.

2011 Leopard 38 (4/2). This cat was in excellent condition with a new Livingston 10' dinghy and sold for $182,000 with US Duty Paid.

2013 Leopard 39 Owners Version. This like-new catamaran sold for $299,400.

If you would like to know what other cats have been selling for just Contact Me and tell me what make(s) and model(s) you are interested in and I can tell you exactly what they have been selling for. Also, List Your Cat with me to get her sold fast.

Contact Me now to buy your next catamaran!

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