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New Catamaran Construction I've been involved in over a dozen newbuild projects and can give you the benefit of my knowledge. I have "navigated" these waters many times before and can show you the smooth path to travel down.

Our database is the most-extensive impartial New Yacht Construction resource in the world and you can have access by clicking the link on our Catamarans Home page. Search our database by yacht size and type to find New Build yachts and early delivery yachts that are available now. But be sure to contact me directly about any  short-to-finish newbuilds (where the builder has the hull and deck finished) or about cancelled orders. This can be a great way to save money and time.

Building a custom catamaran is a major investment and a long-term project. Gary and Ocean Yachting's brokers and project managers work closely with leading naval architects, designers, captains, and builders to insure their clients' complete satisfaction.

Our experienced brokers have the knowledge and experience with all kinds of brokerage and new yachts plus hundreds of thousands of miles of travel onboard, and we know the yards around the world along with their strengths and weaknesses. So, a well-informed decision can be made as to where to ultimately build.

Our brokers have a knowledge and experience to know what sells and what adds extra value to a catamaran. The lessons from our successful projects and familiarity with the unsuccessful projects give our brokers the ability to positively contribute to the catamaran project.

New Construction Catamarans Our brokers are valuable liaisons between the yard and the client, serving to keep the yard clearly informed as to the decisions and requirements of the owner. He also serves as a buffer between the Owner's Team and the yard's team and keeps them on an even keel when trying times present themselves.

Our brokers practical experience on the water and in the industry can be incorporated into the custom development project, from the exterior styling and deck layouts to the interior arrangements that work best for the owner, insuring good flow through the catamaran, the machinery spaces, storage and service areas, etc.

In short, our brokers provide the essential link between Owner and Yard with supervision skills, technical expertise, and the market knowledge to insure a successful build.

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